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Hi! I'm Jess, the owner of White Aspen Creative. I have lived in Bend, Oregon almost my whole life and never see myself leaving, but we do love to travel as much as possible! My husband James and I have been married since 2006 and we have two kiddos, two dogs, and two cats. I worked in the restaurant world for over 10 years till I found my love for photography. In 2015 I was able to devote myself to my passion for photography completely. I had my own little studio for a few years and have been growing and adapting my business ever since. The current White Aspen Creative space is our second location. We have now found our sweet spot: not only being able to be a rentable photography studio, but also providing a beautiful and unique space for intimate weddings and events. While I still do photography, my main focus is to make sure the photo community grows together and that brides have the best, most stress-free day of their lives! I can't wait to hear from you and all your exciting creative plans at White Aspen Creative.

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Hey! I'm Lisa! I'm an elopement and wedding photographer as well as a Pinterest manager for wedding creatives. I moved to Oregon from Las Vegas and I've lived in Bend for just about 2 years with my boyfriend and our Siberian Husky! Ever since moving to Bend, I have been obsessed with White Aspen Creative's space. I have been working with their Instagram and Pinterest since December of 2020 and started helping out with events and tours in February. It has been so much fun working behind the scenes of the events hosted by White Aspen Creative and I've learned so much from Jessica!

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Hi there! I'm Hannah! I grew up here in Central Oregon and have been involved in the events industry in some capacity for about two years. I am new to the White Aspen Creative team, but I have loved helping clients celebrate in our beautiful space! Being a part of any special occasion is so fulfilling for me, and I am grateful to be learning from Jess and the team. When I am not at White Aspen, I work as a UI/UX designer helping non-profits with their online presence. In my spare time, you can find me enjoying all of Bend's offerings with my fiance and watching way too many romcoms.

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