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Small Events

We love hosting small events!


Baby showers, Bridal Showers, Rehearsal and Welcome dinners, Family Reunions, Memorial Service,  Workshops, Staff trainings and meetings, and More

Wedding Ceremony or Wedding Reception are not included in these rates.

Please email through the couples contact form for more information.

Event Packages 2024


  • Please keep in mind you must include your setup and clean up time in your booked time. Depending on how much decor and outside vendors your bring in, we typically recommend 3-4 hours for a small event, 4-5 hours for a large event and 5-6 hours for an extra large event.

  • We do offer discounts for workshops/classes if booking 3 or more days at a time or weekly sessions. Email us for more info.

  • We have an amazing staff! All our event bookings have staff onsite (except our mini events). This is not optional for a lower rate. The staff is onsite to ensure you have everything you need while you are there, manages guests not walking on the putting green, helps you manage set up and clean up, this ensures clean up is done correctly so you do not inquire a fee, vendors coming and going, and anything that may come up during your event, removes unwanted items you don't plan to use that are in the space and brings everything back in. They can take out garbage, help get ice and refill water, etc, they work hard, please make sure to tip them, it is greatly appreciated! They do not do all the set up and clean up, please make sure to bring other people to help you with the setup and clean up. If you would like staff to help with anything extra during your event or would love more staff that comes with the package, please let me know and we can chat about accommodating your needs.

  • We do provide round tables, but Do Not include table linens. We recommend 90" for halfway or 120" for full length. 

  • We can seat 32 guests with our 4 round tables (8 guests per table). And 30 Mix Matched Chairs. If you would like everyone to have a seat at a table to sit at and do not plan on using the outdoor patio space for seating, we recommend you rent long tables for family style seating to seat above the 32 guests. Contact us to talk about the best seating option for you and if your event will fit well in the venue space. We have lots of great design options we can recommend to make it work well for you.

  • Half the package rate is due to reserve your date, the remaining balance is due two weeks before your event date.

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